The environment is increasingly becoming an important issue in the world politics and global economy as well as people's life. Environmental deterioration resulted from human activity, misuse of natural resources and pollution is now a global issue that ecologically, economically, politically require global solution. Environmental problems occur in the interaction between two complex systems, the human-society system and the ecological system. However, to preserve security, the entire human environment is taken into consideration. Today, the most notable environmental problems in the world include global warming leading to climate change, land degradation, water pollution contributing to human health problems, deforestation resulting desertification, destruction of species, ozone depletion, increasing urban and industrial wastes, etc. Globally, pollution of freshwater resources, deforestation and improper waste dumping, among other abuses, are human conducts bankrupting natural resources of future generations. Human activity and life is changing the environment in ways, on scale, quite unlike in any other era, making our common future in jeopardy.

Large percentage of people's illness in poor countries is directly linked to the pollution of their natural environment. Improved environment resulting improved public health is therefore a clear element in the struggle and the strategy of poverty eradication. In general terms, population growth, economic development and growing inequality in income all put greater pressure on the ecosystems. Moreover, poverty and political conflict, whish are the features of most developing countries, also cause environmental damage. Environmental degradation increases the poverty of those who are already poor especially in those parts of the world where livelihoods and lives are closely dependent on natural environment.

Somalia is by no means an exception in the above situation. There are substantial challenges of environmental concerns in the country, which is far less studied. The country suffers from almost all types of environmental degradations. In one hand, Somalia is experiencing enormous environmental problems, while on the other hand it lacks both human and financial resources as well as institutional structures and political stability to address these life affecting issues.

In view of these above-mentioned situations, this page will highlight through description and analyzes the subject in relation to Somalia. It will particularly give you important news articles, scientific papers, useful informations relating to Somali Environmental Issues.

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